About Us


Wake Patriot welcomes you to the “Great Awakening!” We honor the millions of digital soldiers who are coming together to expose the propaganda, lies, and outright crimes of the worldwide news media, government officials, big tech oligarchs, and woke corporations.
Wake Patriotoffers an excellent shopping experience and US-based customer service from true patriots who want to make a difference. We have the perfect, high-quality T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Gifts & Accessoriesthat are tailored to meet the needs of MAGA Supporters, Constitution Protectors & Freedom Fighters around the globe. Although we cannot guarantee that all our products are made in the USA, we source our printers and suppliers from US-based companies, and employ US military veterans.

Our mission is to open hearts and minds, and empower freedom-seekers to embrace a future where:

  1. “Equal justice under the law” prevails
  2. Voter integrity is restored
  3. Our elected leaders represent the people
  4. Our media reports the Truth
  5. Big tech honors freedom of speech
  6. Woke corporations go broke, and 
  7. The US Constitution is restored to protect the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

In 2022 Wake Patriot was established from our home base in Florida after witnessing — and surviving — a worldwide attack on basic freedoms and sovereignty. Like you, we wanted a place to buy great-looking products that support our politics, lifestyles, and devotion to freedom. Our hope is that customers who wear a Wake Patriot t-shirt or hoodie will inspire open, honest conversations about how fear, power, and greed have infiltrated the fundamental institutions that color the fabric of our daily lives.

Our approach is simple: high quality, freedom-minded products at great prices. Help us get the message out. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us @WakePatriot, or become an Affiliate to begin earning passive income for your organization, podcast, youtube channel, political campaign, church, or small business.

While you're deciding, Wake Patriot will continue to fight in defense of your freedoms. We are constantly improving the site and selection to better serve you. Happy Shopping!


Have a questions about our products or services, or need to check the availability of an item?  Please use the form on our CONTACT US page to get in touch.